2020 Updates

As we enter into our 5th year as a company (26th year as a partnership), DKLA Design is looking at a very exciting year in 2020 when we will bring several monumental sculptures into public space from California to Virginia. 

Image: Don & Lisa

In 2019, we toured our public art project,  “Long View Polar Bear,” which premiered in 4 cities. The beloved polar bear is named, Edna, after the artist’s mother. Edna started at the Toronto Light Festival in January, then participated in the Interplanetary Festival at the Railyard Park in Santa Fe, NM last summer. In September, she traveled to Calgary for the Beakerhead Festival, a celebration of Art and Science. Finally, the polar bear starred in LumiNature, the Philadelphia Zoo’s first Winter Festival. 

What’s next for Edna? She will travel to Reno, Nevada to begin a two-year contract as that city continues to develop its arts infrastructure in a new downtown arts and culture district.

Image: Long View at the Toronto Light Festival

Shout out to our crew! 

Horse crew: Joel Sisson, Lisa Adler, Don Kennell, Zach Greer, Caleb Smith, York Moon, Zach Nicholas

We are growing as a company, not only delivering more one-of-a-kind sculptures for public space and our crew is growing as well. Our Zachs have doubled, which is a remarkable development. It’s not clones, (though we would clone the original Zach if we could), just a case of popular names (something Lisa knows well). 

We are pleased to welcome Zach Nicholas to our crew. Zach N. interned with DKLA Design while still a high-school student in Santa Fe and joined our crew when Miguel Lucio decided to pursue his own artistic pursuits in TX last Fall (look up Miguel Lucio up if you want something welded, sanded, or fired in clay in Fort Worth).

Image: New Crew Member Zach Nicholas

This Winter we have also had Independent Production Manager, Joel Sisson, out of Minneapolis, joining us to help kick-off our year with the biggest project we have made to date. A 15,000 pound horse destined for Southern California this spring. If only the real Edna (Don’s mom) could see this artwork because she always supported his being an artist and as a Wyoming girl would have loved this subject matter. 

Image: Production Manager Joel Sisson

Starting This Week!

Artist rendering of “Invincible Cat”

Fabrication of our newest public art project, “Invincible Cat”

A 36 foot long panther made from recycled car hoods for A New View Camden, a project funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies. Check out more info at: http://www.anewviewcamden.com/

This sculpture will be installed this May in Camden, New Jersey.