Giant polar bear statue unveiled in Calgary ahead of Beakerhead 2019

It’s still a week before Beakerhead kicks off, but Calgarians can get a sneak peek at what the 2019 festival has to offer as organizers have already unveiled an art installation in Victoria Park.

The 35-foot-tall polar bear in Enoch Park was revealed on Tuesday.

The polar bear was created out of car hoods by DKLA Design from Sante Fe, N.M., and is one of several so-called Community Beacons that will be erected throughout the city during Beakerhead.

The beacons are larger-than-life displays that combine art and science in a spectacular way, according to festival organizers.

The polar bear, for example, is intended to show the connection between carbon footprint and habitat loss.

“It acts as an ambassador representing the impact of global warming,” a Tuesday news release from Beakerhead explained.

The Long View Polar Bear installation will be on display in the 1102 block of Macleod Trail Southeast until Sept. 15.

After Sept. 15, the polar bear will be moved to Prince’s Island Park to be part of Beakerhead’s The Spectacle event on Saturday, Sept. 21.

“You won’t be able to turn without encountering something fabulous,” Beakerhead co-founder Jay Ingram told Global News.